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The Big Picture Conference 2018
with Mike Raiter   

What is God’s mission in the world and how well does ours line up with his? The Big Picture Conference 2018 explores what the Bible teaches about mission and what it means for us.

The Mission of God from Creation to New Creation

1st – 2nd August 2018 (from 7pm)

  • Blessed to Bless
  • The Logic of Mission
  • The Uniqueness of Jesus
  • Mission in Revelation

Mission and the Local Church

2nd August 2018 (10am-2pm)

Practical ways to get our churches doing what God is doing

Mike Raiter is a preacher and trainer of preachers from Melbourne Australia (originally Liverpool, England). He has taught at Moore College in Sydney as the head of the department of mission, was formerly the principal of Melbourne School of Theology and a missionary to Pakistan. He now runs the Centre for Biblical Preaching where he mentors beginning to experienced preachers and regularly travels to South-East Asia, including Singapore and Malaysia. He teaches for 1 month a year at the Evangelical Theological College of Asia in Singapore where he tries to persuade the students to be faithful to the text they are preaching and not to be boring.

All events will be held at Zion Bishan Bible-Presbyterian Church

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