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Philip Percival and emu music

A Biblical Theology of Worship (4 talks)

6th – 7th February 2018 (7-9.30pm)

What does the Bible have to say about our worship? What even is worship? Is it all about music? What is the relationship between worship in the Old and New Testaments? What does it mean for our churches? Come along and find out!

Emu Music Concert - A Night In With Emu

8th February 2018 (7-9.00pm)

A night of Word-centred worship. Emu Music on Spotify.

Emu Word in Song Conference

10th February (10am-5pm)

How do we best lead our churches in singing the praise of Jesus? A one-day conference for church singers and musicians.

Singing, a Bible talk from Colossians 3, a church musicians masterclass and two seminars (Workshop 1, choose one from: song leading/piano for church/leading from guitar/song selection Workshop 2, choose one from: song leading/sound desk/songwriting/leading a music team).

All events will be held at Zion Bishan Bible-Presbyterian Church

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The Bible conference 2018

with D.A. Carson

Evening Expositions (2 talks)

       8th-9th March 2018 (7pm-9pm)

Romans 3 has been called the centre of the book and even the centre of the whole Bible where the apostle Paul explains God's solution to the human problem. Come along for expositions of these most important chapters of the Bible. Evening 1: Romans 3:21-26, Evening 2: Romans 4.

Introduction to Biblical Theology (ETCAsia intensive subject)

        Co-hosted with ETCAsia

8th-9th March 2018 (9.30am-4pm)

Open to the public

All events will be held at Grace Baptist Church

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The Big Picture Conference 2018
with Mike Raiter   

The Mission of God from Creation to New Creation (4 talks)

1st – 2nd August 2018 (evenings)

Mobilising Your Church for Mission

2nd August 2018 (9am-1pm)

All events will be held at Zion Bishan Bible-Presbyterian Church