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Impact UK & Impact Australia


Saturday, 22 August 2020
9:30am - 12:00PM
Online on Zoom! (the Link and Password will be emailed to you on sign up)

Impact UK is a half-day conference aimed at encouraging gospel-centered living among Christians, whether you are... 

(1) Heading to the UK to study – explore the challenges and opportunities for Christians of studying in the UK and get in touch with good gospel-teaching churches and student ministries.

(2) Currently studying in the UK – be encouraged to live for the gospel as a Christian student and think about how you can make the most of your time as a student in the UK.

(3) Returning to Singapore – examine the issues that come with returning home to work in a fast-paced, work-obsessed culture. How will you cope with these challenges? What does it mean to live for the gospel in a society like Singapore? How should we think about choosing a job or a church?

The day will consist of:

A Bible talk from 1 Thessalonians, titled "Living in Light of the Day"
• One Workshop (three to choose from) - topics TBC
• There will be a great opportunity to meet fellow students & graduates as we meet together on Zoom!

Sign up now at bit.ly/ImpactUK2020 !

ABout Impact

The Impact Australia and Impact UK conferences are run once a year, just before the university year begins in each of these countries and are designed to encouraged gospel-centred living in Singaporeans studying overseas.

Impact UK has a partnership with the like-minded UK-based training organisation 9:38. Particularly relevant for Impact UK attendees are the student conferences.