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Impact UK & Impact Australia

IMpact Australia 2019

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10 Jan, 2019 (Thursday)

10.00AM to 7.00PM

Location: Grace Baptist Church

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Impact Australia is a full-day conference held in Singapore aimed at encouraging gospel-centered living among:

  1. Christians heading to Australia to study – exploring the challenges and opportunities of studying in Australia for Christians and getting in touch with good gospel churches and student ministries.
  2. Christians currently studying in Australia – encouraging you to live for the gospel as Christian students and getting you to think about how you can make the most of your student days in Australia.
  3. Christians returning to Singapore – examining the issues that come with returning to work in a fast-paced, work-obsessed culture. How do we cope with these challenges? What does it mean to live for the gospel in a society like Singapore? How should we think about choosing a job, or choosing a church?

The day will consist of:

  • Two talks from the book of Colossians
  • Five Workshops (1 for freshers, 1 for graduates, and 3 other workshops)
  • As well as plenty of great opportunities to mingle with fellow students & graduates (lunch and dinner will be provided, so do stay to chat!) as we share our lives and encourage one another, building each other up in the body of Christ

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ABout Impact

The Impact Australia and Impact UK conferences are run once a year, just before the university year begins in each of these countries and are designed to encouraged gospel-centred living in Singaporeans studying overseas.

Impact UK has a partnership with the like-minded UK-based training organisation 9:38. Particularly relevant for Impact UK attendees are the student conferences