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Our conviction is that God speaks to us through his Word, the Bible. PT exists to promote confidence in the Bible’s authority and to equip Christians to faithfully handle the Bible so that we might all grow in Christlikeness for the glory of God.

Impact uk 2016

13 August 2016 (Saturday)

0930H - 1500H

Zion-Bishan Bible Presbyterian Church

Stand firm in the Living Hope.

Starting university or a new job holds many exciting prospects, but will also present new challenges to our faith.

How then should we stand firm in the Gospel?

Come join us for talks on 1 Peter and seminars on work, word and freshers.

Please register at: http://impactuk2016.eventbrite.com/

Bible Conference with William Taylor

(13 - 15 February 2017)

Substance, not Spin. The heart of authentic Christian Ministry (2 Corinthians).