We run conferences every year helping believers accurately handle the Word of God.

1. Evening Expositions (EE) are talks typically held over two evenings, with the aim of challenging and building up Christians through expository preaching.

2. Ministry Matters (MM) is a conference that aims to identify and encourage Christians with the desire, gifts and temperament for full-time paid Christian ministry to move in that direction. We provide expository sermons and relevant seminars to help you think biblically about issues related to full-time work.

3. Expository Preaching Conference (EPC) is a conference that aims to encourage preachers to keep trusting in God's Word to do its work and be faithful in their own ministry; equip preachers with fundamental skills for Bible handling and preaching, and to build up a network of like-minded preachers.

4. The Big Picture Conference (BPC)

The BPC aims to help all Christians understand the one storyline of the Bible from creation to new creation. This storyline makes us better bible readers by challenging us to read the various parts of the bible in the light of the bible's big picture. There are three components to BPC:

  1. Evening talks where the storyline line of the Bible will be presented
  2. Strands for preachers to explore preaching in the light of this storyline
  3. Hands-on workshops for lay people to practice interpreting the Bible with the storyline as the overall context.

5.  Impact U.K. and Impact Australia. Impact conferences aim to integrate Singaporean students studying overseas with gospel-centered churches and student groups, as well as inform and equip returning students to serve the gospel in Singapore.

6. NextGen. NextGen seeks to train the next generation of gospel leaders to faithfully pass on the gospel to others. This aim is achieved by equipping young leaders to read and understand the Bible for themselves, in order that they may teach it clearly to others.